11 FACTS in favor of participation in the online exhibition

1Online exhibition is effective ad tool
2Information is available at any time
3>5000 site visitors
4Selection by theme
5Enough time to study information
6Active exhibition advertisement compaign
7Specialized online exhibition attracts the target audience
8All participants is on one site
9One click and you access information about producers & goods
10Independence from location
11Budget economy
    Kazakhstan  is traditionally an agricultural country: nearly 80% of the state's territory is occupied by farmland, a third of the population is engaged in the development of crop and livestock production. Agriculture takes a special place in the economy of Kazakhstan. Because of Kazakhstan's rich nature, unique historical experience and hardworking people is intended to become the reliance of the economy.  But despite its leadership position in grain production, the positive forecasts of increasing heads of cattle and the strengthening of the home poultry market, in the development of the agricultural sector there are many unsolved problems. The use of new technologies in the processing of land to improve agricultural productivity and enhance the competitiveness of products requires special attention. The main goal of farmers is the expansion of the marketing of agricultural products and increase their demand in the global market. One of the tools of solving these problems is exhibitional events.
     International agricultural online exhibition «AGROBUSINESSEXPO.KZ» was created to help intensive exchange of information between the producers of agricultural products and costumers of these goods. It is one of the most effective working fields for agricultural business representatives of Kazakhstan and abroad, where they present innovations, modern goods, advanced technologies and services in the agricultural field. The mail reason of creation of the online exhibition «AGROBUSINESSEXPO.KZ» is the brisk growth of Internet and its universal availability. The users of the Global Network can find information of interest directly on the companies’ sites or on specialized portals. But this agrarian online exhibition allows visitors not only purposely to obtain the necessary information, to find interesting product with a description and picture, to know the prices, but also to compare companies and their services and size up the market. All these you can find on one website (, regardless of your location, time of day and year, as well as cushion of time, as at any time you can get in this website. The website of the international agro-industrial online exhibition «AGROBUSINESSEXPO.KZ» is widely advertised over the Internet.
Guide the cursor at the chosen subject of the online  exhibition «AGROBUSINESSEXPO.KZ»  and you will get to the list of the companies which placed information about them activity. Click on the name of the company, you will go to the information page of this company.
    At the moment when the crisis is expanding its geography, the online exhibitions are supportive platform to the traditional exhibitions.
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